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 Parker Paper Co., Ltd. Shandong Germany

       German Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Parker meandering scenic plains County, Shandong Province, the company right beside Highway 318, where convenient transportation, abundant energy, only 80 kilometers away from Jinan Airport.
      Companies from the United States Conitex Sonoco Group (Connick Snow Sport holding company) invested $ 30 million in China as a large paper companies. Conitex Sonoco holding company whose subsidiary has 13 paper, paper tubes and paper processing production / sales company, its offices located around the world (such as: USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, Indonesia, China Shanghai, and China Taiwan etc.), product sales covered worldwide. Conitex Sonoco Company is the world's largest yarn production / sales companies, global share of about 35%. Each mill Germany Parker Group is the world's annual output of 200,000 tons of the world's most advanced paper tube paper, paper with a 50-year history, has accumulated rich experience, using the German paper tube can be made of paper Pike 25000 rev / minutes by high-speed rotation speed, able to withstand high tension requirements, are widely used in packaging, textile and paper industry and other industrial fields.
  The main equipment for the domestic first-class four-stack network board machine 3600, the use of advanced technology in Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the main products are high-grade gray paperboard, high-grade yarn cardboard file boxes of paper, paperboard and other special high electron paperboard, annual production capacity of 100,000 tons. Company fully in accordance with 托荷兰康尼 Alex Nuokang strong economic strength, worldwide sales network and other advantages in technology, uphold the integrity of dedication, innovative ideas, continuous market-oriented, based on quality and talent as Relying, as a driving force in the development, and actively develop the market potential of a large high-tech products. The company also actively according to the special needs of the user, the user specifically for demanding production of special paper.